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      2. About Us

        Mutineer Miniatures is a UK based manufacturer of 28mm high quality pewter figurines, bought by collectors, model makers and wargamer's.

        Our premier 28mm figure range is the Indian Mutiny sculpted by Mike Owen all sculpted to the highest standards by the designer. This colonial range will be expanded by adding the later opium wars and the taiping rebellion. Future 28mm ranges will include the Sikh wars and Afghan wars. We also have a new 20mm Modern range of figures, which will expand to include many of the African wars.

        In addition to the Indian Mutiny range we sell a number of period 28mm Resin buildings, to compliment the range of figures. We also sell 28mm flags to support the Mutiny range.
        We also stock the full range of Mininatur tufts to make your bases something special.


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        © Mutineer Minatures 2012