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      2. Delivery Information

        Prices & payments All prices and charges on this site are in UK pounds. They exclude VAT initially but the VAT will be payable in the shopping baket., We have exclude delivery charges (for details see ‘Delivery’ below). The total cost of your order will be the price of the products you order, any additional services you choose, plus any applicable delivery charge.

        All these will be set out clearly in your Shopping Basket before you submit your order. Prices, offers and products are subject to availability and may change before (but not after) we accept your order. If something becomes unavailable we may offer you an alternative or suggest that you visit one of our stores.

        We try very hard to ensure that all information on this site is accurate. However, just occasionally, an error can occur. If we discover an error in the price or description of a product you have ordered, we will tell you and ask you whether you wish to continue with your order or cancel it. For delivery items we accept payment by all major credit cards and our preferred method of PayPal. Payment is deducted when we process your order. Delivery UK  Worldwide £1.50 Handling fee + 15% Postage free on orders over £150 delivery.


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